Meet Martha J. Mason

mjmbikeI have been a licensed attorney for thirty years and have devoted my family law practice exclusively to Collaborative Divorce and mediation since 2005. I find deep personal satisfaction in helping clients achieve negotiated agreements that serve and protect their interests, saving all family members the brutal emotional and financial toll that the traditional adversarial process tends to cause.

Prior to opening my own family law practice, I was a partner with Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan, one of the oldest and largest law firms in North Carolina.  I engaged in a broad litigation practice, including jury trials, appeals before the North Carolina and federal appellate courts, and extensive settlement negotiations and participation in alternative dispute resolution processes.

I withdrew from my litigation practice to care for my aging parents and young children. During that period, I realized that the most satisfying cases had been the ones that were resolved before they ever got to court.  I decided upon re-entering the workforce to limit my practice to collaborative law in family matters.

Since that time, I have facilitated the successful resolution of numerous cases involving complex property, support, and co-parenting issues. I regularly participate in seminars and workshops on family law and the collaborative process. Many of my cases arise from referrals from other attorneys, mental health professionals, and members of the clergy, as well as former clients and their spouses.こたつ CALORE カローレ 長方形120×80 コタツ 炬燵 こたつテーブル 天然木 アッシュ 和モダン 家具[TS-40600287] 大型家具
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