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Martha J. Mason

If you have made the difficult decision to separate and divorce, you have options regarding how to proceed.  Increasingly, divorcing couples in North Carolina are choosing Collaborative Divorce over confrontational litigation, and for good reason. As a litigation attorney for many of my thirty-five years in Raleigh, I can attest to the financial and emotional stress that court trials create. Over twelve years ago, I decided to limit my practice to family law and, specifically, to Collaborative Divorce and mediation.  I have never looked back.

I have helped hundreds of clients reach sound and peaceful agreements in a wide range of circumstances, including affluent clients dealing with the division of significant assets and business interests, as well as couples under financial stress.  My experience has helped me successfully resolve complex property, support, and co-parenting issues. Divorce is a major life transition, and I am committed to assisting each of my clients with expertise, reassurance, and compassion.